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Spring 2024 South Texas PAMA | A&P Student Scholarship


At the Aviation Maintenance Association, we're dedicated to supporting the next generation of aviation maintenance professionals. Our scholarship program is the perfect opportunity for passionate individuals to achieve their career goals and make a difference in the industry. Apply now to access exclusive financial aid and opportunities that will help you stand out among your peers.

Deadline: Midnight 3/31/2024
Selection Criteria

Applicants must submit a complete application with all supporting documents.
Winners will receive a $1,000.00 check at the 2024 South Texas PAMA Golf Classic or by US mail within two weeks after acknowledging notification of being selected, providing all terms and instructions contained herein have been complied with.
Applicants are evaluated on accuracy in following instructions and completeness of application, GPA, merit, industry participation including maintenance/avionics training (military included), full or part-time aviation jobs, volunteering and or attending aviation events, journeyman experience, OJT, spelling, grammar, and legibility. Financial need is not a criterion. ST PAMA Scholarship committee reserves the right to disqualify applicants and/or revoke any award at any time if applicants fail to meet the requirements, have not complied with the terms and instructions contained herein, or in any way breach the confidence of the ST PAMA Scholarship​ committee.

US Citizen
International Student
I am
New Student
Continuing Student
Date Enrolled

Essay Requirements:

500-1000 Words addressing the following:

1. Describe your long-term career goals within the field of aviation maintenance. How do you envision utilizing your Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification to contribute to the aviation industry?

2. Share your personal journey and passion for aviation maintenance. What sparked your interest in becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Technician, and how has this passion influenced your academic and professional pursuits?

3. Discuss any challenges you have faced in pursuing a career in aviation maintenance and how you have overcome them. Additionally, highlight any significant achievements or experiences that demonstrate your dedication to the field.

4. Discuss any involvement you have had in aviation-related community activities, organizations, or projects. How have these experiences shaped your perspective on the importance of community within the aviation maintenance profession?

5. Share instances where you have demonstrated leadership skills or worked effectively as part of a team. How do you believe these qualities will contribute to your success in the aviation maintenance industry?

6. Describe the positive impact you hope to make in the avia􀆟on maintenance industry upon obtaining the A&P certification. How do you envision contributing to the industry's growth, safety, and efficiency?

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